lineage 2 da Vinci

Step I:

Download the game (preinstalled or installer).
It is necessary to use a clean installation of the game! If you have
allready installed LineageII, better uninstall it and make sure to delete the folder "Lineage2"
located at C:\Program Files(x86)\ncsoft

Step II:

Decompress the and install the game



Step III:

Open your Lineage2 folder and delete the "system" folder
Download the da Vinci Updater and unpack it. Copy "LineageII.exe" and "options.ini" to your Lineage 2 folder and replace old LineageII.exe!

Step IV:

Create a desktop-shortcut of the LineageII.exe which is located in Lineage2 folder


Step V:

Execute Lineage2.exe located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\NcSoft\Lineage2"!
The game will download and update all needed files

Step VI:

Your game-accound will be created automatically after the first login so there is
no registration needed. install

Congratiolation! You are now able to play on the da Vinci private server!